New Inspiration for a Painting…….

These tiny connections…..  I talk to another artist.  She tells me how the length and rhythm of another woman artist’s dying breaths cause her to make the marks she is exploring in her artwork now.


I read Neruda.  I make up a quote and have it translated into Spanish so that I can feel the rhythm of those words.  I look up famous lines from Neruda and…..

“As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”  ―    Pablo Neruda


So, tomorrow or the next day I will put that on the studio wall and I will start to make that come to life for me.  It is a tiny secret that I will have as I apply the graphite and paint.  It will be a private talk.  I’ll post what comes of that conversation.



More Marks and Paint.

I appreciate the experience of taking a deep breath and making huge changes in a piece that I am working on.  It represents a leap of faith that the relationship between my hand and the canvas is valid and full of ups and downs.  It is a trust thing. 

This is a piece on paper.  I have finally put it back up on the wall and the intention is to make a more cohesive relationship between the black marks and to extend some off the page itself.  I like the lighter black/gray and somewhat transparent passages of black then the heaviness of others.Imagea

Birds, II

I’ve been trying to work out this series:  birds of a western mind.  I applied silver R & F pigment stick to the bird in this one and I’m having trouble getting a photo without a reflection of the silver.  I am posting it as part of the series but it has lost nuance and I find the reflection a distraction from the beauty of the piece.

Birds of A Western Mind

This morning a black bird, who nests yearly in our clay tile roof, gave our corgi Pearl a piece of her mind for the pure joy of it.   She does not like the proximity or ruckus of this puppy who thinks she can jump high enough to catch the bird.  Hey Pearl, pick on something your own size anyway!!  Reminds me of this small encaustic piece that I did a year ago  Opus Bird, 8″x8″Opus Bird

New category discovered…..

While I’ve been going through my artwork for some time now, I discovered a series:  Birds Of A Western Mind.  Titles must be like adding a mark of paint.  You just have to go with it – soften judgement and accept that there might be a wisdom that is intuitive and does not come with thought.  I’ll be posting these pieces – encaustic and paint on canvas on my website.  The website is under construction and I’ll be posting the contact information soon.